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xsbr nk update lg
after 1 whole day spent for tea party
next day plak ktaorg round area2 ctu
jln2 bw anak2
mula2 plan nk g swimming
tp then cancelled sbb nk visit 'ibu' - my ibu angkat
yg dh lama sgt2 xjmpe

smpikn anak2 t'tdo..pny la lama kt rumah ibu..

blik je dr rumah ibu, we all went to 
great place
love to see lampu2 yg cantik
rs cm calm je..mmg best..

br smpi..dua2 anak tdo lg

pose ngn hubby =)

jln2 tgk tmpt ni
then join hubby dgn hobby dia
g tmpt fav which is
reptile world

burmese snake

daniel excited tgk snake

ni ant snake yg tbesar & tpjg

pose dgn giant turtle

daniel ckp cicak giant..huhu

nice..mahal tau ni!!

oo..mesti heran kn tgk anak1 ku yg xcited dgn snake
fyi my hubby ada pet
which are snakes..ada 3 stkt ni..huhu
buy & sell
dat's y our children pn njoy sgt tgk reptiles
they hv the same interest

time kluar dr reptile world,dh gelap
& lampu2 pn dh bersinar..;)

njoy our holiday with kids
may Allah gv me & family more rezeki
to entertain our children

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