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~ Lots of ♥ ~

salam peeps!!
dh lma x update tentang anak2 njoy all pic below..mmg masa cuti pantang aritu la time jalan2 and bcuti dgn anak2..sgt best!!smpi rs nk sambung cuti..hehehe..

my sweet dayyan & dafina

daniel & darwisy otw to wangsa walk

jln2 & njoy di Times Square (theme park)

dlm ferry otw to Langkawi..muka njoy habis..haha

fed rabbit di Bird Paradise,Langkawi

daniel,darwisy & dayyan..happy dpt tgk birds and fed them

till then...
~ zatil ~

~ current reading ~

ha...found this book in ayah's office..dh mcm library sbnrnya and tak tahu nk pilih mana satu nk i chose this one..awesome!!nice to read..valuable knowledge.. :)

after did a test in the book,lg best..sbb blh tahu thp mana pemikiran and creativity kita..hehe..suggested book for those yg ada free time.. :D

~ zatil ~ 

♥ family time ♥

Assalamualaikum lovelies..

fuh..njoying my few weeks posting parcel,attending course and NDO class..but still we hv time with family..super duper happy..

Last week,zatil brought parents to Tropicana Resort..for birthday celebration..both mom & dad..same month,so anak2 celebrate sekali..hehe..tq to hubby too yg suggest place..nice place to go..sbb xramai sgt org..

then,Sunday nya kami pegi plak visit adik,Asri,di plkn Semenyih..mmg ke 'dalam' sungguh. hehe..siap daniel tgur nmpk "hantu air"..huhuhu..

NDO 2nd wave!

Holla everyone!!how's ur weekends?full of activities?sure semua pn enjoy je weekends to..from morning till nite,ada je activity..best3!!
oh..last saturday,zatil attend 2nd NDO..ingt lg post zatil tntg NDO last two weeks? sambungannya..mmg superb..siap ada role this time mmg clear lg sbb kta sdiri blh tgk and fhm..ala2 acting gtew..hee
and for the 1st time,zatil beranikan diri volunteer utk role play..i learnt a lot..baru la tau..and we are learning every second in our life..
do what u think u can do..think that u able to do!! :)

Dare to Change?

Salam's ur weekends?oh..lupa pulak..still not too late kn to wish 'Happy New Year 2013'..haa..azam baru?

Yes!!semestinya kan..angan2,azam perlu utk mncapai impian..
Zatil start my new yr calender with program NDO..this is bout social media marketing..mmg best sgt!!everything is guided..syok tgk video2 yg sbnrnya mmg relates sgt2 dgn on9 bisnes..heeee..jrg sgt bler berbiznes ni kta dibantu 100% siap ada training session lg..walhal on9 je pn and everyone can do it!tapi still leaders nk strong our relation,like sisters..proud to be in Dewi's and K.Salha's group..

Part yg best juga is motivational part.."breath in all positive matters..breath out all negativity..i can..i am positive..i am creative"..positive mindset mmg penting..bkn utk bisnes shj but for life..even dgn Allah juga kita perlu yakin dan in shaa Allah doa kita negatif2 ye reader..

Njoy the pic below k..

CDM Salha Zain in action..inilah pencetus semangat..masing2 nak ambil aura k.salha..tq for always be with us..guiding us..and advice us to be better :)

it's time for CDM Jasmin Halim..
motivational part..NDO yg plg best setakat ni sbb byk buka minda kami..always b positive!!

thanks to u, Dewi!!who always listening to my problems..sharing bout bisnes,motherhood,breastfeeding and everything!!lucky me to hv u as our leader ;)

suasana di pagi Sabtu..where ppl time ni sdg berehat2..but we chose to b not the matter of biz semuanya..tntg reality,life,dreams... front of GLAM..glam kn pintu tu..heeeee..

# no matter what we do,be positive,be creative..believe in ourselves..
choose the rite buddy,and we will always be in the right shaa Allah ;p