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~ close to each other ~

daniel & darwisy looks like twins..everywhere I go, people will ask "are they twins".."they look alike"..
they are not but maybe because they only gap for about 11 months, they are close to each other.I'm glad to c them help and teach each other..they more like friends..when 1 of them is not around, the other one will become passive and sit quitely..but when they meet each other, they play together, laugh together, read books together and eat together..beautiful..





hopefully they will always be together and remind each other...(",)

Pregnancy..the best moment

my 1st pregnancy was great experience..after few weeks of marriage,I'm so happy when got news dat I'm nice..and excited..tak sbr2 nk test pregnancy, tp mom-in-law ckp tggu lg 2weeks then bru check..
but 1-2 months having morning sickness..mkn je keluar blik..huhu..+ during dat time I'm doing research for my master..oohh..smpi ter tdo2 kt lab..berehat..bler rs pening or loya je,I always hv a green apple or mango with me..+ kismis..that's my fav snacks..
Daniel selamat lahir pd 16 Mei 2008, 4:30pm..a day before my hubby's birthday..(dis is ur gift syg)..

Sakit bersalin?...tpu la klu ckp xsakit alhamdulillah semuanya dipermudahkan..bersalin secara normal..and yg pntg, XSERIK..mmg nk tmbh anak lg..hehe..

tgk muka putih suci bersih ni hilang rs penat and sleepy mama..I'm lucky to have u dear..

cute and adorable Daniel...

Am I lucky?...the answer should be YES..
How lucky am I?esp when we got another great news..I'm pregnant for second child..haha
Shocked +++...more surprised when heard dat Daniel will get his brother when he is ~ 11 months..oh dear..
You will b a happy u r..hehe..

adorable Darwisy

Time2 mcm ni Daniel pn blur..siapa dia ni..why he stays here..agaknya mcm2 soalan dlm kepala dia..
Sorry dear..mama n papa give you a brother too early..
Darwisy..lahir pd 31 Mac 2009..alhamdulillah..rezeki, bsalin normal dan senang..pkul 7am bukaan 5cm,pkul 8:30 am dh bsalin..hubby pn xsmpt msuk labor room..(",


and now, they more like a friend, too close..always remind each other..always defend each other bila slh sorg kena marah..
how thankful I am..


weight?u can't imagine how do I looked during pregnancy..I put on weight ~20kg for both pregnancy..I really njoy my food..bler lg kn nk mkn dgn seronoknya dan banyaknya..=)

ha..tkejut tak?sgt sihat kn?..but I managed to get my shape back, alhamdulillah..w/ot slimming pain..hehe..determination!


Beautiful moment lovely it is..from last nite till afternoon (before i received sms bout work)..
Feeling romantic..(",
Remembering our beautiful moment 3yrs and 6 mnths ago..(23rd August 2007)
How do I look?..

i'm confused..dh akad ke ni?...

tq to relatives..memeriahkan suasana..

It's funny when thinking of how nervous my husband front of ayah in law..chaiyokk2 yang..

Selepas akad..

don't b surprised..i'm not singing k..i'm reading..

it's my turn to b prince comes..

our moment..remembering today as a wife to Syazree Safwan

photographer2 ni suh both of us maluuu...

Married in young age is very challenging..u hv to be prepared frenz..
physical,mental and emosional..hehe..but,it is valuable experience and we learn from experience..


i've got my own blog..inspired by thenotsoperfect girl..thanks to u surie ridzuan..
u encourage me to build my own blog..for me to share story and talk thru heart..aaahhhhh..