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Let's SpReAdiNg oUr Love >>> Bkt Aman

Hello everyone..
Can't wait to tell u how happy i am..hahah..
Last Tuesday, our gorgeous team spreading our love @ IPD Bukit Aman..

ha??..ada ke police yg nk pkai PB??
tu la..u ol xtau..sbnrnya ramai sgt3 yg dh pkai..+ interested nk pkai..(i pn tkejut jgk)!!!

smpi2 je mmg rmai yg tinjau boothe kami
mula2 tu malu..
dr jauh je..
tp lama2 semua dtg dkt..
dgr explanation dr PB experts..=)

they feel & taste the PB
ada tu siap ktaorg sarungkn lg..

i'm measuring client

"aah selesa, xde la senak pn"
"alamak perut buncit dh xde"
"mcm model plak rsnya"

mcm2 lg la ayat2 yg keluar dr pengunjung-pengunjung boothe ktaorg..
amazing kn?

yg plg2 best bler abg polis ni dtg..
he's interested..
"dik,org lelaki blh pkai ke?"
"perut yg buncit ni blh kempis x?"
ya Allah bang..PB ni universal..
klu prmpn blh..knapa plak lelaki xblh..
anak-anak kecil pn blh..

"ala dik,nnt wife abg ckp abg ada awek lain sbb bw corset blik rumah" jwpn my hubby..
"xpe bang..abg bli 1 utk abg..hadiahkn 1 lg utk wife..confirm power" hubby yg promote..sbb pe
dia dh rs power nya PB..

whatever it is..
i'm proud to b in this biz!!!
bkn je blh cantik n maintain sihat
tp blh jgk TOLONG orang jd cantik & sihat
++++ extra income ++++

-kalau bkn kita yg buat keputusan utk diri sendiri,siapa lagi-
U won't regret
"Healthy + Beauty + Wealth = PB"

Needs consultation/wanna let us visit u:

APRIL promotion ~ 5 days left

Holla gorgeous..
Excited with the title??

There's only ~ 5 days b4 end of this mnth
and the details for promo are listed below:

sgt3 berbaloi tau...
+++++ MURAH
hurry coz time is limited

Let's join us..
PB has a lot of try it..& u won't REGRET..


  • NAK CONCEIVE BABY- Yup PB blh balance ur hormone dalam badan

  • PRO TO BREAST FEED MOM! CONFINEMENT- mengecutkan rahim dengan lebih cepat.. stretch mark faded!

  • CYST/FIBROID - it help to reduce and mengecilkan size cyst or fibroid

  • CONSTIPATION - it helps to ease the process

  • SLIP DISC- Miracle for whoever yang ada back pain! Premium Beautiful consist of 7 memory wires that helps to support your back bone




  • call/text/whatsapp

    A note from PB user@ medical doctor

    I've heard and being asked about PB..Macam mana FIR blh ada dlm PB?Macam mana blh function?and so here are the explanation..not by me,but by a doctor who is now PB user..

    HOW FIR ( Far Infrared Rays) REACT TO OUR BODY

    by Syida Cheda on Friday, April 15, 2011 at 11:27pm

    Premium Beautiful with FIR

    As a medical doctor, im always concern with anything that i wear and eat. Everything has to be explain by science. same goes to this corset. before wearing this corset, ive done my own research regarding the effect of FIR to our body, its mechanism of action and the source of not a person who is simply wear or use any products with no explanation behind.

    Far Infrared is a form of energy in humans and animal, and is also emitted from the sunlight.
    As FIR has nothing to do with either Ultra Violet radiation, which gives sunburn and damages the exposed parts of skin, or atomic radiation, kind associated with nuclear bomb explosions.

    FIR is simply a radiant heat, form of energy, which works on an object through a process called conversion. Conversion is a process in which object is heated without having to heat the air in between. The sun light works through a same process in which infrared rays reach the earth and when the clouds come in the way of earth and the sun, you will feel chilled as they block the warmth through infrared rays from sun to reach you.

    Sun is a natural source to get exposed to FIR thermal therapy .Infrared light is an important force of energy, which helps to raise the white blood cell count in our body. Raising count is good as it means better immunity against diseases and ailments. Heat therapies and energy medicines are long been used by ancient Chinese and Japanese health practitioners. For ages healing touch therapies are used for improved cell growth, DNA and protein synthesis in cells.

    For decades, infrared and heat therapies are being used by physicians, in Europe and Asia, in an independent developed form. Infrared therapies have proved to be beneficial for the cardiovascular training effects for the people who are unable exert themselves. FIR has an outstanding impact on caloric consumption and weight control; It is found that in only thirty minutes 600 – 2400 calories can be burnt.

    Infrared thermal systems stimulate the energy used in to run six to nine miles during one session.This is proving to be best solutions for the people who can not exert themselves yet have to control weight effectively. FIR also helps body to flush out the toxins which is essential for body to work effectively.

    FIR therapy offers many other benefits;

    It help people suffering from all forms of arthiritis, relieves muscle spasms and joint stiffness
    1- it increases the extensibility of collagen tissues and capillaries which is good for stimulation of blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation
    2- FIR therapy assists in resolution of inflammatory infiltrates
    3- FIR therapy has proven extremely beneficial in weight control programmes. It is observed that one hour under the FIR therapy raise the body metabolism and body temperature that it burns 900 calories. FIR heat also breaks down cellulite – trapped water, fat and waste in the body
    4- It helps to prevent hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary artery disease and blood circulation. It relieves nervous tension and relaxes autoneuro muscles.
    5- FIR helps to improve skin conditions and all-around beauty treatment.
    6- It is also said to help body strengthen the immunity system by stimulating increased production of white blood cells (leukocytes) by the bone marrow and killer T-cells by the thymus.

    when FIR infiltrates your body - there will be a resonance response to water molecule inside our body -
    the molecule's 'movement will increase - more energy will be used - increase heat production
    heat production - vasodilation - improve blood flow - increase the effectiveness of nutrient transportation as well as toxin removal

    AS A RESULT our body will be MORE HEALTHY and ENERGETIC
    it also help in reducing body weight and the corset help in shaping our body..


    It's not only for slimming or losing weight but it has so many benefits.


    ~ mY FiRsT bOnUs~


    that's the 1st word should i say..
    i'm extraordinary thankful
    esp to my friend@leader who introduced me to dis biz; Dewi
    and to my hubby and partner that support me in dis biz

    in about 2weeks i've got my 1st bonus..
    which is RM4500..
    ha?is it??..yup
    it is more than my basic salary..SOUNDS GREAT rite?
    i'm happy and speechless (",

    in this biz..u cn get more than this
    my next target..iAllah

    extra income..which is up to!!!

    dapat percutian PERCUMA tau..

    and the most important thing..dpt shape & slim bdn..
    maintain healthy & muda remaja..

    zatil & dewi

    ooppss..this is before i'm wearing PB..

    me..after < 2weeks wearing PB

    i'm happy
    shaping.."pandangla lihatla"..
    dgn muka2 skali shaping jgk..good2..i loiikkee..
    nk tgk lg?..

    STOP thinking and follow ur HEART..

    Money doesn't grow on trees, but with this business, u cud plant ur own trees of money =) ~ Farihah

    ~ CDM Hanis Haizi

    Come & Join me NOW!!!
    Call/text/Whatsapp: +60123351984 (Zatil)

    PB vs Slimming centre & Dieting

    PB - premium beautiful
    Slimming centre - place for slimming
    Dieting - control appetite

    I'm thinking of this topic since last week and it is great similarity between PB and procedure in slimming centre..

    PB dihasilkan dengan infrared rays (FIR) di dalamnya.FIR ini berfungsi untuk memecahkan molekul-molekul lemak yang terkumpul di dalam badan - in slimming centre, the same procedure is done.They use infrared heating panel in order to breakdown the fats. >>> so, why u choose slimming centre which cost u more than thousands compare to PB??

    Selepas molekul-molekul lemak dipecahkan, badan akan dibalut untuk mengelakkan kekenduran kulit..if in slimming centre, we called it as wrapping - but, PB direka khas dan unik untuk mengelakkan kulit daripada menjadi kendur dengan mengikut ukuran tubuh badan seseorang. >>> why u still want to go to slimming centre if u cn hv the same effect when using PB???

    And more...PB mendapat pengiktirafan daripada pelbagai pihak - Superbrand dan Pakar Tulang Belakang.

    PB also has lifetime warranty where other corset product doesn't have..

    PB adalah perintis pakaian dalam kontur wanita & tidak pernah susut nilai.

    PB tahan regangan, tidak berbau dan mengekalkan suhu badan pada tahap normal - melancarkan peredaran darah.

    PB mampu dimiliki - slimming centre, hny yg berkemampuan sahaja dapat merawat diri.

    Bercakap tentang diet,
    1. Utk ibu-ibu : sekiranya mengamalkan diet, pengeluaran susu akan berkurangan dan menyebabkan anak cenderung minum susu lembu,walhal susu ibu adalah yang terBAIK di antara susu-susu lain
    2. Bagi yang belum berkahwin : diet yang keterlaluan atau tanpa pemantauan akan mengganggu sistem metabolisma badan. Dieting is not free of problems, therefore it is advisable to undergo diet under supervision of physician or nutritionist >>> cost u more..

    Wanna reduce weight and at the same time be healthy??

    Contact me:

    LeT's TaKe Da 1st StePs

    Believe it or not..but this is true experience from a man..
    He believes dat PB gives great advantages to women..esp his wife..
    He is a true man who appreciate such a superbrand corset for his lucky..look what he said:
    ( can't upload his pic..will try k)
    "Saya paling suka cerita pasal long bra ni. Orang perempuan ni ada mcm2 saiz dn bentuknya, ada yang (breast) sampai ke pinggang, tapi bila pakai PB, errmmm mmg cantik, dia letak kat tmpt yg betul, jadikan merah mekar segar"

    "Orang perempuan bila dah kawin, dah ada anak, punggung minta maafla, dah jatuh. Laki tgk org lain. apsal dia punya mantap? Bila pakai PB, bentuk love dekat blakang ni (long girdle) akan naikkan punggung, bg chantik, mantap"

    "Orang smpi pggl saya Mat Coli..tak kisah lah orang nak kata ape, yang penting saye tahu ape pulangan saya dari bisnes jual pb corset ni"

    AND I give u few testimonials from my own friends..
    u cn spot the differences...

    1. Great leader : K.liza
     2. Wafa - my friend



     3. Dewi (great & helpful leader)

    after 1 week

    4. friend tp mcm dh lama knal..kn2..


    5. K.Hane (another great leader)


    Can u see the differences?
    if they do u...
    Get ur PB now!!!