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Let's helps our children to say YES!!!

hye mommies,mommies-2-be,granny and everyone
it's cheerful thursday
today just nk sharing my experience with two boys
but i go with the flow..happy and njoy each second with them..

do u find difficulties to ask them do something??

1. medicine mmg plg hardest rsnya..cuma i've found one way yg mmg change everything
they always refuse to eat medicine (dulu2 la)

but now,not anymore..they r happy..
what i did was before giving medicine,i'll give them vitamins or cupcakes..

so they takla rasa fobia dgn medicine yg pahit tu..
tp skrg dh xperlu lg this trick.once they feel sick,
they will tell me,"mama,abg emam (demam)..nk ubat"..nice kn?
maybe u shud try too..

2. cut nails
during babies time.mmg easy..sbb always sleep..
but when they grow,it's a bit tougher rite?

what i did was,i told them that dkat kuku tu ada ulat.
so they really want to get rid from those "ulat"..hehe..
and suddenly they ask me to cut their nails..haha..nice one..trick ku bjaya!!!

maybe masing2 imagine ulat2 yg menakutkan / geli agaknya..

same goes dgn 3.cut hair
daniel mmg since baby lg senang je nk potong rambut
tp darwisy tough betul..bergerak sana hubby telling him that ulat will come to ur hair if u xcut,then trus nak cut hair..n yg bestnyerr skjp je dh blh settle..kalau dulu berjam2 nk potong rambut tmbhn both of them mmg rambut lebat..

ok mommies..maybe u can try's hepls a lot..daaaa (",)

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NEW hobby :)

presents my new
kali ni nk cuci2 mata before make a decision..jom..tgk Louis Vuitton handbags..hehe

to all my lovely readers..
plz tlg sy choose which pattern is nicer & cantik
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really needs ur help..=)

sbnrnya byk lg je collection nk tjuk,tp ckupla bbrp ni dulu..will update sooner :)

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Holla holla..
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ThEy rEaLLy AmAzed Me!

salam everyone..good morning!!!
guten morgen..selamat pagi..

pg2 lagi title dh memberangsangkan..hehe
shud hv this kind of attitude stp pg utk berjaya!!!
confirm BERJAYA..

last saturday,setelah ~1 mnth xg menimba ilmu d B32..bjaya jgk menjejakkn kaki ke sana
bkn xnk g sblm ni,tp aral melintang..sbb b4 this since join biz xpnh lg escape klas..
for me,ilmu is everything..that's y setinggi mana pn kita belajar,we stil need to learn each day of our life..
so sweet..hihihi

and the most amazing,time klas tu we ol celebrate those yg berjaya dpt anugerah..
ada yg dpt jam tgn which is = to RM100,000 sales per mnth
ada yg dpt pen which is bonus from RM10k to RM40k
ada yg bjaya capai pangkat CDM..bonus??huh..RM40k and above..

and lucky for me,knowing this group and decide early utk sama2 success dlm biz

CDM Salha,me and DSM Lily

congratez to DSM Lily yg bjaya dptkn jam tgn
mmg sgt2 excited tgk kwn2 se'biznes' bjaya
jam tgn ni mmg ant anugerah/pencapaian yg sgt2 bermakna
i will go for it..iAllah..BOLEH!!!

kwn2 yg lain,yg masih berfikir2 how to generate income,this is the way..
i will show u betapa bestnyerr berbiz dlm group ni..with me and all leaders..

Nikmatnya Aidilfitri!!!

Hi peeps..hopes it's not to late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..
alhamdulillah juz reached home around 1030 pm after 6-7 hours travelling..
huhu..luckily traffic smooth wpn ada jgk certain2 place yg jammed..raining almost all the way..

whatever it is..we are happy  & super excited dgn aidilfitri this year..much more happier..eventhough mr hubby xsihat..tu yg xsbr2 nk story kt blog..can't express my feelings..feels different and terasa nikmat yg teramat sgt..alhamdulillah (",)

what's so different?
firstly of course la preparation nk raya..if before this time raya,bju raya adalah sepasang dua..yg lain pkai je bju zmn dulu2..but this year,i've got 6 bju's actually a reward for me working for 11 mnths in a year..

my 1st day bju raya

satisfied!!!siap dgn manik penuh di baju..hehe

2ndly,yg best nyer raya thn ni bila xde kira2 utk duit raya..especially to family members,mak,ayah,mama..anak2 sedara yg comel2..jumpa je org,bagi..ziarah je sape2,bagi..mmg nk sgt rs perasaan ni..thn2 sblm ni bg pd yg tertentu je sbb budget selalu ngam2..alhamdulillah sejak ber-biz ni rezeki bertambah..jd mmg sepatutnya share our happiness with others kan?..i wait for this feelings sejak dr dulu lg..nk rs keseronokan mem'beri' selain menerima..yes!!!

the best thing for this year raya is when all duit raya anak2 berjaya kami simpan..savings for their future..honestly speaking,before2 this mmg la..abis je raya,mulalah pnjm blik duit anak2..sbb dh byk spend ms raya..but this year a bit different for us..xguna lgsg duit anak2..and blik raya pn poket still ter'isi' dek duit biz and investment..alhamdulillah..

alhamdulillah..mmg la raya it's not about money at all..but it's about feelings..happiness..and njoying ourselves..
and this year, i felt it!!!
 thank you Allah for everything..
hopes You always bless us :)