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Beban pd badan penyebab SLIP DISC

With adult having some 80% chance of getting back pain at some point in their lives, who hasn't complained of an aching back? How many people have experienced the sudden pain of "throwing one's back out?"

Back pain is simply the result of unusual exertion, fatigue or a twist or sharp movement, but occasionally, there has been an injury to the spine.

Slipped Disc -  medical condition affecting the spine, in which a tear in the outer, fibrous ring (annulus fibrosus) of an intervertebral disc (discus intervertebralis) allows the soft, central portion (nucleus pulposus) to bulge out.

a spinal disc herniation demonstrated thru MRI
Secara ringkasnya slipped disc ni bermaksud "tulang belakang yg teralih atau menggelongsor dr kedudukan asal" - disebabkan oleh kebocoran pd gel antara tulang yg berfungsi menyerap tekanan. Tulang akan menyebabkan tekanan pd saraf2 yg mengawal anggota badan dan mengakibatkan kesakitan melampau.

Slipped disc ni boleh terjadi kpd sesiapa sahaja terutama golongan yg berumur 30 thn ke atas.Kadangkala kita tak sedar atau notice yg perbuatan kita mungkin menjadi penyebab slipped disc.Terutama golongan wanita - bebanan pd bahu atau kaki boleh mnjadi pendorong kepada slip disc.cth: pemakaian heels dan handbag blh mjadi faktor kpd slipped dics.

Ibu-ibu pun perlu berhati-hati kerana sbg ibu, kita sering mendukung anak2..kdgkala bebanan yg terlalu berat pd bdn memberi tekanan kpd saraf-saraf dan menyebabkan slipped disc.

Antara faktor2 lain cth nya mencangkuk atau duduk yg terlalu lama, when performing jobs that require constant sitting and often result from jobs that require lifting.

Bersukan tetapi tidak mengikut kaedah yg betul atau main sampai tak ingat dunia.Kdg2 ada yg xkisah bila rasa sakit masa terjatuh,atau terhimpit dengan pemain yg terjatuh.

Macam mana nk elakkan atau treat slipped disc?

yg plg utama dan mustahak adlh utk kurgkn kesakitan by decreasing the muscle spasm. Doctors may prescribe pain relievers, muscle relaxants and bed rest. As the muscle spasm subsides, the pressure in the nerve root at the disc protrusion eases.

Buat senaman ringkas setiap pagi utk menjaga tulang belakang.

Pastikan postur badan yg betul ketika mengangkat barang atau membuat sebarang pekerjaan.

A back support corset or lumbar support juga sgt digalakkan utk  provide the necessary support allowing the recovery and repair to take place.and one of the corset yg mmg byk membantu pesakit slipped disc adalah . . . . .

Premium Beautiful.

Hargai dan jagalah tulang belakang anda!!!


xsbr nk update lg
after 1 whole day spent for tea party
next day plak ktaorg round area2 ctu
jln2 bw anak2
mula2 plan nk g swimming
tp then cancelled sbb nk visit 'ibu' - my ibu angkat
yg dh lama sgt2 xjmpe

smpikn anak2 t'tdo..pny la lama kt rumah ibu..

blik je dr rumah ibu, we all went to 
great place
love to see lampu2 yg cantik
rs cm calm je..mmg best..

br smpi..dua2 anak tdo lg

pose ngn hubby =)

jln2 tgk tmpt ni
then join hubby dgn hobby dia
g tmpt fav which is
reptile world

burmese snake

daniel excited tgk snake

ni ant snake yg tbesar & tpjg

pose dgn giant turtle

daniel ckp cicak giant..huhu

nice..mahal tau ni!!

oo..mesti heran kn tgk anak1 ku yg xcited dgn snake
fyi my hubby ada pet
which are snakes..ada 3 stkt ni..huhu
buy & sell
dat's y our children pn njoy sgt tgk reptiles
they hv the same interest

time kluar dr reptile world,dh gelap
& lampu2 pn dh bersinar..;)

njoy our holiday with kids
may Allah gv me & family more rezeki
to entertain our children

TeA pArTy & BiRtHdAy BaSh

salam everyone..
holla korg..
lamanya rs xupdate blog,bz with work and entertaining clients

last week,we had a tea party-enjoyable
gathering with old friends
sharing story-gossip..haha..

and alang-alang tu mmg nk buat birthday bash for my children and hubby
so it's shud be different kn?

b4 party,we all celebrate b'day c kecik2 ni dgn tok ayah & mak tok dlu

happy birthday to u..

tq so much tok ayah & mak tok for da cake
ice-cream gitu
love it!!!

next day buat bday bash @ tea party di intekma resort
berkat rezeki biznes,dptla bbelanja bg kwn2 mkn
+ it's new environment for kids
yela sblm ni xpnh pn wat mkn2 b'day bash or party kt luar
juz create something different kn-children learn from surrounding

tq guys for coming
sronok and happy sgt2 jmpe kwn2 lama
ada tu bbysitter yg 1st jg daniel

ni la keadaan anak2 lps party
pnat lyn tetamu + play with their friends
njoy food so dh kekenyangan
tu yg lps taking bath trus tdo
both of u amazing!!!

gRaB tHiS oPpOrTuNiTy

U r invited
let's grab this opportunity
in this biz..

to feel the effectiveness of PB

slim & happy -
of course la bila dh slim or dpt figure yg kta nk,mesti happy and extra confident kn?

let's measure...

share and consult others on health where we actually helping ppl at the same time

slip disc - PB helps a lot

sakit2 blkg - mmg blh elak dan kurgkn sakit blkg
sbb PB ada pengiktirafan pakar tulang belakang tau

reduce period pain/irregular period
PB lancarkan perjalanan darah so it's help in reduce ur pain


avoid breast cancer
better late than never girlz..

reduce size of cyst or fibroid

helps a lot time confinement
tak perlu lagi traditional bengkung

now, u cn wear corset on ur own
sbb xsemua org ada someone yg betul2 blh spend time utk jaga ms confinement kn
baby lg..mknn lg..
+ PB helps increase ur milk production

acknowledges urselves by giving time to njoy FOC holiday..

dpt tgk life lg
klu nk kumpul duit sndiri..maybe takes time kt Aussie


susah nk dpt peluang bercuti secara PERCUMA ok
cuma bw duit utk shopping jeee

you can get all this
once you grab this opportunity
byk kelebihan berbanding kekurangan

yg penting
NAK ke tak
jom ubah our life to be better

join me!!!

hApPy mOmMies!!!

Happy mother's day to all mommies in da world..

This poem is special for my mummy, Anis Zubaidah & my mama, Hjh Noor Bishah..

There's no one in the world like
In addition, no one loves me as you do.

I am older now but still a child and need you Each and everyday.
Therefore, I need to further say
With you here, life's not so bad,
You make me happy when I am sad.

Without you I cannot
You always help and give me
I take a bit of you each day
You always help me find my way.

Sometimes, I know I cannot see in front of me
and do not like reality.
I call you up and your words give me sight to carry
On and make things right.

I want to give you peace each day but sorry that it's not true,
I always seem to rely on you.
I know you worry, I should grow up, I know I should!
But then your cuddles would not feel as good.
For in your arms when I'm feeling sore.
Nothing makes me happy more

It's then I'm safe from inside wars
Just knowing I am special -
I am a child of Yours
An Angel is what you are!
I'm glad you're here and not too Far.

I love you mum more than words can say
Together we travel all the way.
Happy Mothers Day

from us:
Shah, Zatil, Daniel & Darwisy