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thE rEaSons wHy...

I've got a lot of questions regarding PB..
they keep asking me,
What is PB?
How it's actually helps u reducing weight??
Is it comfortable? etc....

So, for the sake of u ols..i write it in this post..

PB, premium beautiful..consists of 35 layers of woven infrared from Tourmaline

What's Tourmaline?
It's a type of crystal with nature source of Far Infrared (FIR) and negative ions

Why Tourmaline?
only one mineral to show permanent electricity on the Earth and also natural source of negative ions & FIR rays

How this FIR helps us??

1. expand capillaries: stimulates - increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation

2. excellent for detox : - the heat expands the capillaries and initiates the start of a process to dissolve hidden toxins
- promotes elimination of fats, chemicals and toxins from blood ; eliminates the accumulated cosmetics through skin (sweat and oil glands) rather than kidney

3. stimulates enzyme activity & metabolism : FIR heat also breaks down cellulite - trapped water, fats and waste
1 hr under HotHouse will burn > 900 calories by raising the metabolism and body temperature

# if u go for jogging for 1/2 hr, u actually burn ~ 350 calories

BUT...wearing PB for 1 hr will burn 900 calories..what if u wear it for 8hrs/day?..can u imagine brp bnyk calories dh burn??? AMAzing?? DEFINITELY..

Sharing is caring dear...

wanna be juz like her??

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strive to achieve ur dream..

my dreams?
a lot..
and i'll try to achieve them..

"only as high as I reach can I grow,
only as far as I seek can I go,
only as deep as I look can I see,
only as much as I dream can I be" improve myself in IT..
help me in doing biz..

send my children to the best school..
want they to b able to learn diff languages (as I know, children below 5yrs manage to learn 5 languages..amazing)

 buy for them this car..they adore it..

 hv a free mind shopping
no worry about money..juz njoy shopping..

 provide a luxury house for my family..

and having a sport car like this...

Can I achieved all this??
the answer is YES..
why am I so sure?
Coz all people around me aim to b the best and achieve their target..
coz I wanna b the best..
coz i'm now decided to take my 1st step..

let's JOIN me and we'll work together to achieve our dreams..

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Are you?!

hey girls@women..
r u one of this gurl..

or u feel u're too skinny like...

or u r now currently worried about ur shape after pregnancy??

well..cngratez on ur pregnancy..
but u stil need to pre-plan for post-pregnancy..

or r u planning to breastfeed ur child but worry bout amount of ur breastmilk???

or u hv flabby skin here and there..
stretch mark around ur body..
or the worst-cellulite???

or now u currently planning for ur glamorous & amazing wedding??

wanna hv perfect shape?

need a consultation??

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dEveLoP uR sELf CoNfIdEnCe

suitable title RITE?..'s difficult for someone to organize themselves when they're not "confident". it's even WORST if they DIDN'T TRY to b confident!!!

As women, we can gain an insight into any lack of self confidence by delving into some handy scientific research. Lack of self confidence is built upon worry and procrastination..oohhh..
So...what confidence destroyers are we more prone to???
  • natural nerves - cause a few feelings of anxiety
  • catastrophising - when u think u don't LOOK ur best..everything will turn badly as a result
  • -vely ruminating -  this ability to think things over can turn into over-analysis and make life miserable as this internal process leads to confusion, anxiety and inaction.
How to build confidence in WOMEN..
only one SOLUTION which cn drag other tips to build confidence..
------------- look GOOD, try to b as COMFORTABLE as u cn with urself---------------

Confident people LOVE to LEARN..they admit dat they always make an improvement in life & aren't afraid to admit dat they don't know everything..and if they are very knowledgeable in a particular area, they know that they cn hv a new perspective when they listening to others and acknowledge the other person’s value even if they really didn’t learn anything new..

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”
~Judy Garland

They're mine...(",

Good day everyone..
This mornin', when I saw Darwisy face, i feel like writing bout him and his brother..dunno y..but it's actually remind and make me realised that both of them hv their own beautiful Allah creates humans..same parents,almost same faces,but different characters..Subhanallah..

- cute (of course,sape lg nk puji anak klu bkn mama kn)
- moody (tibe2 je nnt xnk ckp, xnk buat apa2..esp time bgun tdo)
- able to follow rules (till now, i managed to get him follow my rules; can't go outside w/ot shoes..can't sit on the grass w/ot my permission, can't eat too much when there's still food inside ur mouth)
- loves reading (i like this most - he will use his free time wisely- hopefully he'll be like this when start school)
- n watching cartoon (fav channel is disney channel ; mickeymouse clubhouse, dibo, agent oso, word world, little einstein and last but not lest ultraman)
- njoy watching ghost story..wpn tkut n hiding behind me
- love his brother, caring bout his brother (esp bler darwisy kna marah, he will shout at us; "mama..papa..NO")
- patience (sometimes i realised that he able to be patience when his brother destroyed his building, took his lego etc) - byk beralah dgn adik..that's so nice of u..
- manja (even though he is a brother now, but he still needs us to comfort him, esp bler dia crying, pkaikn bju etc)

- adorable (",)
- manja but naughty (mmg obvious esp bler dia start disturb daniel; ada je idea..+ suka kjut abg sbb dia boring sorg2)
- loves his brother (characters yg sgt2 we all suka..both of them defend each other..abg cry, darwisy yg akn sweet..)
- copy-cat (anything dat abg touch, he will touch..whatever abg did, he will do)
- loves reading (abg is the best example, darwisy also loves reading during his free time)
- njoy watching cartoon (his fav: ultraman..the rest in disney channel-he juz love it)
- stand on his feet (he managed to wear pants once on his own..which is marvellous..good job son-tp yg xlarat bler dia mngamuk nk pkai bju sdiri, nk tlg xbg..)
- fast learner (easily-cpt tangkap n able to do wat ever he saw)

Allah is the Greatest
Reminding them makes me feel humble..


i just can't close my eyes even for a few seconds when i starts thinking of "research"'s horror rite..

Research..research..research and research..that's all in my mind now..i'm very passionate to do research..

everythings come in my mind..whether to do or not..BUT when i'm thinking of something
e.g fruits or weeds, there are a lot of research have been done for all search topic..

dragon fruit lg rmai yg dh buat..dr drinking water smpi ke cosmetic..

I'm thinking of something that is familiar but never being examine by other's just that it is IMPOSSIBLE nowadays..even a very small weeds or particle have been examined!!!
What should i do?
I need to start writing my research proposal..but with perfect that i cn improve myself in research.maybe i need to read more but i don't have enough time for that..It should be done at least by tomorrow..OMG..

arrrggghhh..STRESS..STRESS..i need an idea..pleeaassseee..

dear readers, maybe u cn provide me the fruits or weeds or herbs that important for traditional medicine and are not reported scientifically..

i'm currently observing and searching for natural antioxidant which cn be used as our daily supplement..isn't that attract people out there?

or maybe i need to have..
May Allah give me such a great idea..iAllah..