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Big Bad Wolf oh Musang Jahat

Hahaha..nice topik tak?
Memang musang ni jahat!!Spent so much money but worth it!!Sangat sangat worth!
Last Tuesday zatil went to Big Bad Wolf during lunch hour..and having my great time aka rambang mata..mountain of books and yet you just feel like buying all!!hahaha
Exaggerate sungguh..tapi memang betul..sangat mengujakan..I am getting excited reading and picking all books..
But macam biasa la,99% portion memang khas untuk anak-anak tersayang..hehehe..learning is fun!! first experience went to Big Bad Wolf yang awesome!!Nak tahu apa yang zatil beli?Sila scroll........
3D book yg mmg attractive! 
let's learn about manners
they like them most..easy to write and can wipe ;)
definitely this one is for craft!
activity books for my boys; daniel & darwisy

Till we meet again Big bad Wolf!!  

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