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Kelebihan Premium Beautiful

hye all..
morning..selamat pagi..guten morgen..hihi
just nk share one good info about Premium Beautiful
especially utk mommies-to-be or mommies2 di luar sana

actually before this zatil ada tulis entri tentang 'get back ur shape' after delivery
but this time much more details
and zatil pn bila bc rs mcm excited sgt nk pkai ms confinement nanti

maybe ramai yg ckp pkai bengkung biasa pn blh kurus gak..
nowadays ramai yg mmg concern about breastfeeding (so do me)
and no. 10.11.12 sgtlah memberi kelebihan..

and yg lagi lagi best no. 14 and 15..
mungkin pemakaian bengkung tradisional blh bantu utk kurus cuma utk kembali spt sblm pregnant sgt2 susah..
i've faced it tau sgt.. (",

contact me to get ur best price
or for FREE consultation and fitting

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