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Beautiful moment lovely it is..from last nite till afternoon (before i received sms bout work)..
Feeling romantic..(",
Remembering our beautiful moment 3yrs and 6 mnths ago..(23rd August 2007)
How do I look?..

i'm confused..dh akad ke ni?...

tq to relatives..memeriahkan suasana..

It's funny when thinking of how nervous my husband front of ayah in law..chaiyokk2 yang..

Selepas akad..

don't b surprised..i'm not singing k..i'm reading..

it's my turn to b prince comes..

our moment..remembering today as a wife to Syazree Safwan

photographer2 ni suh both of us maluuu...

Married in young age is very challenging..u hv to be prepared frenz..
physical,mental and emosional..hehe..but,it is valuable experience and we learn from experience..

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